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Duccio Maria Gambi : Sèparer  - Asta CTMP Design - Associazione Nazionale - Case d'Asta italiane

Duccio Maria Gambi


 Largh. 55 - Prof. 35 - Alt. 228 Cm
2018 Separer is a screen, a room divider or, better said, a space occupier. It acts as a violent presence into the living environment pushing the boundaries of its function as a screen from intimacy to enclosure raping the protective feeling it is supposed to create.
It doesn't want to enrich the domestic space but rather violently violate it, subtracting living space and creating visual and physical occlusion. In an historical moment where borders get higher and the myth of a global village clash with renewed nationalism Separer with its unaesthetic, anti decorative mass, act as a reminder and daily bothersome generator of unpleasant feelings and as a physical presence that aims to give 3 dimensions and a weight to bidimensional images and topics.
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CTMP Design
mar 14 SETTEMBRE 2021